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We are a small digital agency based in Kemerovo, Russia.
What makes us different from all other digital agencies is that we focus on working with small business in Russia and abroad. Small business needs fast solutions, and that's what we can offer. It took us only two days to finish one of our projects: from signing the contracts to developing an adaptive website with the English version.
Another key feature of our work is simplicity.
We don't overload our sites with decorative elements, because we concentrate on their informativeness and effectiveness as an advertisement and promotion instrument.
Partnership goes first for us. Our clients are, first of all, our partners. We solve their problems, no matter from which area they are, even if it's beyond our competence, we just do our best to help. We like to see how the companies of our clients grow and develop. Success of our clients is the main indicator of our professionalism and efficiency for us. Individual conditions for every client, from the budget to the way of communication: this is what helps us build long-term relationships with our clients. If you have any challenging tasks, just tell us about it.
Not only the way of communication between the company and the client is important, but also its quality. If you don't have content for your website, we can help you with that. Professional journalists, copywriters, photographers, and even UAV pilots will give you a hand. Whatever your field of activity is, we will produce a high-quality content for you.
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